Processed Meat

BEEF - Whole Beef, Half Beef, Hindquarters or Front Quarters

$3.99 / lbs for a Whole Beef
$3.99 / lbs for a Half a Beef
$3.99 / lbs for a Beef Hindquarter
$3.99 / lbs for a Beef Front Quarter

HOGS - Whole Hog or Half Hog

$3.09 / lbs for a Whole Hog
$3.09 / lbs for a Half a Hog

The prices above include all cutting and wrapping per your specifications. Processing a beef or hog requires a deposit toward your final purchase price (as outlined below) and it takes approximately two to three weeks from the date your deposit is received to finished product. Final cost for processing is based on a hanging weight (there is approximately 25% to 30% loss from trimming, etc.).

Deposits Required Prior to Processing:

$1600 for a Whole Beef
$ 800 for a Half a Beef
$ 400 for a Beef Hindquarter
$ 300 for a Beef Front Quarter
$ 200 for a Whole Hog
$ 100 for a Half a Hog