Check out our Sausage Special
Each week over the summer Clark's Meat House will feature one of our handcrafted sausages as a "Sausage Special of the Week" with a discounted price and a new recipe to try.
Sausage Special:  Mushroom & Swiss Bratwurst
This week's Recipe:  Simply grill, slice & add to your Pasta Alfredo
Come back each week and try something new! 

Clark's Meat House offers full-service custom meat cutting to both retail and wholesale customers. What we offer that most commercial meat departments do not is custom cutting and packaging of all orders to meet the individual needs of each and everyone of our customers. 
As a state inspected meat processor, our facility is inspected daily and our requirements meet or exceed Federal standards of testing and cleanliness. We are committed to food quality and safety. 
Our diverse offering includes: beef, pork, poultry, lamb, buffalo, seafood, deli meats/cheeses, award-winning smoked meat products, one of a kind seasonings, value meat bundles, and whole/half/quarters of beef and whole/half hogs. We also offer a variety of custom made meat and cheese trays, custom gift baskets and gift cards, which can be loaded with any dollar amount you desire and do not have an expiration date.
During hunting season we also offer grinding, wrapping and creating smoked meat products. We guarantee that each hunter will get only his/her own wild game back. We absolutely will not mix orders to meet load requirements of our processing equipment.