Wild Game Processing

Unfortunately, Clark's Meat House no longer processes wild game carcasses as we no longer have wild game meat cutters.
We no longer skin nor debone wild game. We are truly sorry for the change in services. 
We do still offer to grind, grind & wrap, and we can make a wide variety of sausages and snack sticks using our Award-Winning recipes; however your game meat must be deboned and cut into chunks. Because we ask you to cut your meat, we guarantee that you will get your wild game meat back. Each order is kept separate from all of the other orders -- no batch mixing!
To have your wild game meat turned into a product, you need to bring in approximately 15 lbs of wild game meat for each product (if you want both summer sausage and snack sticks, you will need to bring in approximately 30 lbs of wild game meat).
Price is based on the weight of your final product. For example, you bring in 15 lbs of antelope for summer sausage. We add the necessary ingredients and you end up with approximately 20-25 lbs of product and you would pay for 20-25 lbs at $4.99/lb.
Product Options
$3.99 / lb for Fresh Bulk Sausage - Breakfast or Italian
$4.99 / lb for Summer Sausage
$5.49 / lb for Summer Sausage w/Cheese
$5.49 / lb for Summer Sausage w/Jalapenos
$5.99 / lb for Summer Sausage w//Jalapenos & Cheese
$4.99 / lb for Salami
$4.99 / lb for Bratwurst - Fresh (not smoked)
$4.99 / lb for Bratwurst - Smoked
$5.49 / lb for Cheddarwurst
$4.99 / lb for Fresh Garlic (German)
$5.99 / lb for Habanero Mango Bratwurst
$5.49 / lb for Jalapeno Bratwurst
$5.99 / lb for Jalapeno & Cheese Bratwurst
$4.99 / lb for Kielbasa (Polish) Sausage
$4.99 / lb for Clark's Stix
$5.49 / lb for Habanero Stix
$5.99 / lb for Habanero & Cheese Stix
$5.49 / lb for Jalapeno Stix
$5.99 / lb for Jalapeno & Cheese Stix
$4.99 / lb for Mandarin Teriyaki Stix
$4.99 / lb for Pepper Stix
$4.99 / lb for Pepperoni Stix
$5.49 / lb for Pepperoni & Mozzarella Stix
Grinding (Burger) Services & Pricing
$ .99 / lb for Grind Only
$1.49 / lb for Grind and Wrap
Minimum Grinding Charge - $10.00
Grinding Meat Additives
$1.99 / lb for Beef Suet
$1.99 / lb for Pork Suet

Processing Policies & Procedures
  • We cannot accept any wild game for processing without a completed Department of Game & Fish Carcass Coupon for each animal.
  • All game is inspected at check-in and before processing. Dirty or improperly dressed meat will not be accepted.
  • If you want us to make your wild game into a snack stick, sausage links or summer sausage, all wild game must be skinned, boned, cleaned and cut into approximately 2" pieces for further processing.
  • "Grind Only" orders must include personal containers for pickup.
  • Use "food safe" containers for transporting your wild game meat. DO NOT USE black or scented garbage bags.
  • Because of the limited time we have during actual hunting season, custom orders may need to be frozen and made at a later date. Arrangements need to be made at check-in.
  • Completed orders must be picked up within 7 days of notification. Orders that are not picked up within 7 days of notification will be charged a Holding Fee of $10.00 per week unless prior arrangements have been previously scheduled.

Note: All prices are subject to change without notice.