Seasonings & More

Clark's Meat House is famous for its traditional Seasoned Prime Rib Roasts. This special seasoning was created by our founders Grant and Inger Clark and is also excellent on beef roasts, steaks, ribs, burgers, stir fries and more. Over the years Clark's Seasoning Blend ($5.99 for a 9 oz jar) has developed quite a following and is now shipped all over the country. We love to hear from our customers on how they discover new uses for this seasoning, like when one customer said her kids loved the seasoning so much they put it on their popcorn. Another customer came in and said how wonderful it was on the almonds he had just smoked. We would love to hear your Clark's seasoning stories!
To complement our special seasoning offering, we brought to market a seasoning David created and has used for years at home and in several barbecue competitions. Our Wyomin' Dave's BBQ Seasoning ($5.99 for a 12 oz jar) is excellent on pork, poultry and seafood. This seasoning should be used as a rub and is absolutely fantastic on pork ribs. A fun and easy dish we created with this seasoning is one we call Butt Bites. To make this simple and tasty dish, all you need is a pork shoulder (which is also called a Boston Butt) cubed into bite size pieces. Generously coat the cubed meat with Wyomin' Dave's BBQ Seasoning, let it rest for an hour, and then grill, fry or even kabob as you desire.
With the wide variety of fresh lunch meats, locally smoked meats and cheeses offered in our deli case, it was a natural to offer custom made Meat & Cheese Deli Trays. We can customize each deli tray to meet your specific needs. Whether you need small portions for a wine, meat, cheese and cracker gathering or slices for sandwich making. Because we offer customized deli trays, we do not make up trays ahead of time to just sit in our case for days on end. You can be assured of the freshest cut meats and cheeses for your event. Our deli trays come in small, medium and large serving sizes.
Clark's Meat House is also a great place for your gift giving ideas. We can put together Special Gift Baskets/Gift Bags of any combination of our products and, if the recipient lives somewhere in our delivery area, we can deliver it too! We also offer Gift Cards that can be loaded with whatever dollar amount you want to give. Customers that come in with these cards from their friends, family or employers love them! They can purchase as much or little at a time as they need and our gift cards have no expiration date.